Mind Body Balance


This week I had the chance to catch up with Sasha Mirchandani, one of the finest investors in the Indian ecosystem. I love meeting him whenever possible and really value his advice.

While its normal to have such meetings inside a conference room, Sasha instead took me for a memorable walk through Nariman Point (Mumbai) for 30 minutes. Sasha completes at least 15,000 steps every day and said that’s the best reward he can give himself during the stressful daytime hours. He went on to say our minds work non stop, like on a treadmill, and so it was of utmost importance to keep our bodies physically active to balance it.

Pick a hard physical activity for fun. Martial arts, hiking, farming, running a marathon etc. While doing so you balance the speed of your mind and body which creates a free flow of energy. By doing a hard physical activity (as opposed to playing a sport you enjoy), you are challenging yourself by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone which is exactly what you are doing on a regular basis with your mind."

Actively using your body AND mind is a state of living. Not using your body and only mind is a state of dying.