At Pirate Fund, we are founders building tools for founders and our focus is to effectively build a cross-border network of Indian founders.

As a first step, we are experimenting some new ideas on how we can effectively use existing networks to build a community. We have launched a WhatsApp group this week.

The sole purpose of this group is to quickly exchange referrals.

Like Lookup for contacts. Founders help each other in sharing contacts they can recommend for getting things done.

You can join us at

pirate fund lead.png


Rule 1 : No Introductions, No Spams, No P2P conversations in the group.

Rule 2 : Once you get the contact, you have to take the followup queries (if any) out of the group. If you want to Thank him, thank via a DM.

Rule 3 : You’ll get a red card if you do not obey rule one and two.

P.S: We might shift to Telegram as its more customizable and unlimited.