UPDATE: Pirate Fund is moving to Telegram.


At Pirate Fund, we are founders building tools for founders and our focus is to effectively build the largest cross-border network of startup founders.

Like Lookup for contacts. Founders help each other in sharing contacts they can recommend for getting things done.

As a first step, we are experimenting with some new ideas on how we can effectively use existing networks to build a community. Having launched a Whatsapp group a month ago, our group was filled with 256 members within the first week.

We were a full house.

As discussed earlier, our goal is to build the largest cross-border network of startup founders, which just isn’t possible on Whatsapp due to their group limit of 256 members.


Enter Telegram.

Telegram is a more robust, private and customisable platform. Perfect for hackers like us.

Here is the real kicker: No group size limit. (At least for now)

We have set up bots & other tools to moderate the community & we’re now over 400 founders strong in a matter of weeks!

Just a regular day.

Just a regular day.

Are you a founder yourself?

You will need all the help you can get, and we’re here to help you.

Join our Telegram group here 👉🏻