At Pirate Fund, founders help each other in sharing contacts they can recommend for getting things done.


After joining the community:

  1. Introduce yourself, what you do, & what someone can get in touch with you for, in a few words. For example: "Hey guys! I’m ABC, founder of XYZ, a fin-tech startup based out of San Francisco, USA. If you need any kind of advice on Blockchain, Finance, Fundraising or connects to VCs in the valley, feel free to DM me! Thanks!" 

  2. Scroll up on our chat to see which founders you can add value to or connect to someone they requested. We are huge fans of giving first, asking later. 

How to ask for help? 

In the Pirates community, you will find founders from all stages, industries, founders who have just started to serial entrepreneurs who’ve been there & done that. To ask for help:

  1. Give first. As mentioned before, upon joining scroll up our chats & see where you can add value to existing founders in Pirates.
  2. Explain what you want & why you want it. Don’t just ask to be connected to someone, share context & the why’s, what’s, how’s behind your ask to help people help you better.
  3. A good example of an ask: “Hey guys, I’m XYZ, the founder of ABC. ABC is a in-cab entertainment system & we’re looking to get connected to ride-hailing companies such as Ola, Lyft, Uber, etc to show them our product (currently in beta). If someone can connect me to some key decision makers in the above companies, DM me. Thanks!”
  4. A bad example of an ask: “Hey guys, I’m XYZ, the founder of ABC. Can someone connect me to the founders of Ola, Lyft, Uber? Thanks!" 
  5. Once you get the contact, you have to take the followup queries outside the group. Thanking someone is completely okay. 🤝🏻

What is not allowed?

❌ External Links, unless they provide value to the community, (To ensure you're abiding by the rules, message the admins for approval before posting a link),  

❌ Spam (What is considered spam? Any kind of blatant self-promotion/ shameless plugs), 

❌ Job Postings. (Asking for advice on hiring is allowed). 

We are firm believers in providing value minus the BS. 🚯 If you break any rule, you get a yellow card. And you know what happens when you get 2 of them. 


Team Pirates ☠️🏴